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Who are the Perfect Masters ?

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba ki jai !
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1Amma is the embodiment of pure love. She works with humanity, primarily within families and relationships, but also inter-relationships between countries. She embodies the qualities of Divine Unconditional Love, Compassion and Blissfulness. What She does for those who meet Her is open the heart more fully so that growth can take place within all fields of life. Being one of the incarnations of the Divine Mother with us at the moment, She helps us to expand our compassion and self to grow more harmoniously. She tours the world every year and visits India, America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and other places. Her darshan is highly accessible, and Her presence in these countries as a Perfect Master is priceless. All areas of Western society are being transformed thanks to Amma's work on the collective heart center and the grace of Her presence being felt.

Amma was found to be in a yogic position with Her skin having an unearthly blue glow when She was born, so much so Her parents thought She was unwell and summoned a Doctor immediately. In fact Her Mother had had a dream before giving birth that She was pregnant with Krishna who is known for having blue skin. It wasn't until much later that She revealed Her true nature as the Divine Mother.

Amma brings in beauty and love - fostering sweetness in all Who work with Her energy. The nature of Her love is the true essence of the source of all love in the known universes - that of the Divine.

sChants - Amma/Om Ma/Om Parashaktyai Namah/Om Amriteswaryai Namah

Aspect - Divine Love/Bliss

‘Smiling She (the Divine Mother) became a Divine Effulgence and merged into me. My mind blossomed, bathed in the many hued Light of Divinity, and the events of a million years gone by rose up within me. Thenceforth, seeing nothing as separate from my own self, a single unity and merging in the Universal Mother, I renounced all sense of enjoyment.’ ~ Amma