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'I wandered in to Nicholas' "true soul purpose" teachings totally unaware of the life changing effects it would have on me.  I was in a relationship which was causing me incredible suffering. I was lost, powerless and weak, and didn't know where to turn.  I believe it was fate that I came across Nicholas' "true soul purpose" work, I believe he showed me the way back to my true self again.  Through Nicholas' work I started to make major shifts within myself, but on such a subtle level.  Then over time the work got stronger, even my partner (at the time) who was very sceptical of anything remotely spiritual saw the changes. 

One day I came home from a session with Nicholas and he commented on how different I seemed and looked, like I had a different energy.  It was that session that I felt the most significant changes had occured.  Within days I had made plans to leave my marriage, something which I believe I couldn't have done prior to the work I was doing with Nicholas.  I was in a very controlling, damaging relationship and nothing in my life seemed right.  Now, through Nicholas' teachings and my own spiritual journey since, I am so much clearer.  I am on my path to discovering the key to my "true soul purpose", it doesn't happen over night, but most people don't find it in their lifetime.  

Everyday is a journey to finding your true self, agreeing to work with Nicholas is signing a contract with your soul that allows the pathway back to the source to begin.  Thanks Nicholas for helping me find my way again.  Peace!'

Meg, Brighton

'A close friend referred me to Nicholas for a Soul Reading. This involved re-writing my contracts and told me what I had achieved, where I was exactly and the opportunities that awaited me. I had been in the doldrums up until the reading. The insight was astonishing and I instantly recognized that this was what I truly needed at the time. Since then I have been doing what was recommended ie: to visit the Perfect Masters for darshan. Life and myself have changed stupendously much to my and others delight. I am now content, peaceful, happy, joyous, loving and the energy I can handle is unbelievable.

There is still much to achieve for myself, gaia and my clients, but I owe a lot to Nicholas who proved to be the catalyst in my development. His work is no doubt the highest one can encounter in the South of England and I heartily recommend it. One would be a fool not to and it his work does 'everything it says on the tin !'

Matthew, Scotland

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